BLOG - What is your tablet slated for?


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    BLOG - What is your tablet slated for?

    Post by Dreamcat on Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:25 pm

    Pardon the terrible pun above, but that is the question. What are your main uses that you get out of your tablet, and are they the reasons you originally thought you wanted a tablet for?

    With the increasing selection of tablet designs, operating systems, and hardware features; there are multiple avenues that a tablet can be driven down. Are you a mobile style gamer or e-book reader? A writer, an artist, a photographer, or a composer? How about web browsing and checking emails? As a workplace computer? Or maybe just for media consumption?

    Personally, when I first started looking for a slate, I quickly decided that I would prefer a larger screen Windows-based system due to my intended uses of photo editing on the go with Windows compatible software and reading digital comics.

    The EXOPC Slate that I went with a couple of years ago was because of its 11.6 inch display, which allowed for portrait viewing of comic book pages at almost life size dimensions. For that purpose, it has been fantastic. Eliminating the physical storage aspect of comic reading is a plus, and the detail that I can see in the art via the backlit high resolution screen is superior.

    As far as my other intended main purpose of photo/image editing while on the go, it does work, but I find myself waiting until I am home sitting in front of the larger and more color accurate screen of my desktop computer. I prefer to use Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, neither of which has been designed for touch screens as the primary interface.

    What I have found myself using the tablet for is to quickly check the news and emails, play some rounds of Microsoft's new solitaire or mahjong apps from the Windows 8 store (amongst other touch based games), and for displaying recipes while cooking in the kitchen.

    Do I regret going with a Windows tablet now that my main uses are internet based consumption and touch gaming? Not at all. I have had both Android and iOS based smartphones, used an iPad, and even tried out Android running on my EXOPC. They all do a good job of browsing the web, but only a standard desktop browser gets me the full internet experience that I prefer. I can easily watch videos of just about every codec there is, and with Windows 8 I have a touch friendly interface.

    But what about my next tablet? I mean, sure, the EXOPC is doing what I need it to do for now; but we all get upgrade fever from time to time. So, now that my feet are wetted in the tidal pool of tablets, what will I swim to next?

    If you're still with me after that line, the answer is power. Be it iOS, Android, or Windows; I want something that is computationally and graphically powerful (tablet-wise). With the advent of the Windows 8 app store, there have been quite a few unusable programs for me because of the low end graphical capabilities of the EXOPC Slate. I'd like the power of full HD (1080p), and the power of a touch screen that can use a Wacom style pen instead of a nubby capacitive stylus. The power of color accuracy that Apple is known for with its iOS devices. The power of standard inputs/outputs like memory card readers, USB, and HDMI. Yet despite all that power, I still want a decent battery life of at least 6 hours.

    With those qualifications, you would think I am leaning towards another Windows tablet for my next device, but that isn't necessarily the case. Android could woo me with a desktop quality browser (Chrome for Android is coming along rather nicely), a high quality display, and a lower price than Apple and Windows tablets. Apple could conceivably take my money with more flexibility to install software not offered in their app store, a pressure sensitive pen and screen, and lower pricing. Those things not being likely, my iPhone is probably the only Apple product I'll be sporting. But, you never know. Maybe the next big announcement from a tablet manufacturer will completely focus me in on something I didn't even know I wanted.

    So how about you? Are your tablet uses what you thought they would be? What are you looking for in your next slate?

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    Re: BLOG - What is your tablet slated for?

    Post by Rob7 on Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:15 am

    Many of the same things as Dreamcat......
    Use my tablet as a supplemental computer, so use it mainly for.....
    1. Keep up on news, mail, etc
    2. Reading books
    3. Play games when time permits
    As I have said before, the Asus Vivo Tab RT does a lot better then I expected with the above functions so am very happy
    With Windows 8, really like the full integration between all my computers, plus Windows Phone 8....(side note....if you have tried Windows Phone 8.....suggest you really try it out......most people are very surprised how good it is)

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    Re: BLOG - What is your tablet slated for?

    Post by billsey on Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:17 pm

    I'm still using my tablet every day and other than work put more hours in on it than either my desktop or laptop. I do almost all my reading on the tablet plus play a few Win8 games (Taptiles and Mahjong, I play Minesweeper on one of the others since it's so un-touch friendly). I also do most of my browsing on the tablet.

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    Re: BLOG - What is your tablet slated for?

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