Just bought an exo pc. . .very confused.



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    Just bought an exo pc. . .very confused.

    Post by vik880 on Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:13 pm

    So I purchased an exo pc ciara a few days ago that is rooted with Android x86 v 4.0. I see an app in there for ubuntu noroot but I have no idea how to get that to work. I have read and read and read and am still very at a stand still. I've read that ubuntu is awesome so if I can get that to function I might keep it, but what I want to do otherwise is dual-boot win7 and android. Where do I start??? Any advice is greatly appreciated because I know finding information about this tablet is fairly difficult.


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    Re: Just bought an exo pc. . .very confused.

    Post by Plantje on Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:43 am

    On the WeTab community some people have been experimenting with Android. There one may know more. http://www.wetab-community.com/

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