Nook HD with Android 4.3


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    Nook HD with Android 4.3

    Post by Dreamcat on Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:08 pm

    So I picked up a new NookHD (with a gorgeous 7 inch screen) on the cheap ($90), backed up the Nook's OS, and then installed Android 4.3.
    I gotta say, my EXOPC has not been touched much at all except for reading comics and...well that's about it.
    The speed, app store variety, display quality, and general ability to modify it just about anyway I can think of is just superb.

    I still think Win8 on a tablet is a nice experience, but find myself enjoying having the extra app variety of using Android as my on the go/on the couch/laying in bed device, and Windows as my sitting at my desk/home theater PC devices.

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